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Valdek background

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 10, 2016 1:15 pm

The Valdek were the human slaves of the ancient space-faring Wolfir given to the Primordials as payment for colonizing the world.  The primordials used their magics to change and modify the humans to better suit the world they had created. The wolfir aggressively swept across the land using their magic to seal away any primordial who stood in their way eventually taking all but a single continent. The Valdek Rallied the human slaves and created an uprising against their Wolfir masters which culminated in the Primordial Arcanus casting a great spell cementing a victory for the humans. By channeling the energies of the other Primordials the spell destroyed the Wolfir fleet in orbit and sealed away the Capital city of the Wolfir away in the aether all but removing the Wolfir presence on the world. A side effect of the spell is it trapped all the primordials involved with the spell. The Valdek returned to the Primal regions left in the world while the newly freed humans took the rest.

The Valdek are shaped to survive in conditions that few others could. On average they stand 6 1/2 to 7 feet tall with thick heavy musculature. They are swift and cunning with senses that far surpass that of regular humans. They have an extremely strong connection with the aether. Although most maintain a fairly primitive lifestyle their champions are still a match for even the greatest modern war machines.


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