The world of Torus

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The world of Torus

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Torus once was dominated by The ancient entities called Primordials who were great creatures formed of the energies of the ether. With their servants, lesser spirits known as Kyne, they shaped the world in their own image. Torus became a world of extremes, a feral death world, a world bent to the desires of the Primordials. That all changed when the Wolfir arrived. With their human slaves the Space faring Wolfir descended upon the world to colonize it offering human slaves to the Primordials for Land to colonize.

This eventually lead into "the war of the Gods" where the Primordials fought the wolfir as well as each other and the humans Rose up in revolt against their masters, both Wolfir and Promordial alike. This ended with the Wolfir abandoning the world. Many primordials took their human slave to other realms, One Celestia, warping the Humans Into the Asmir, The other realm Demurge warping their slaves into the Demagog and Urukin. Those Primordials Still on torus Were bound and imprisoned.

The newly freed Humans were left with the world to themselves. they slowly drifted into three groups those who could use magic, The Phoencian Magi, those who could not, The Armenian Technocracy, and small groups of Humans still Loyal to the Primordials, The Valdek, who remained in the last primordial forests where the nightmarish denizens kept out all but the most courageous or foolhardy of people.  

Over time a fourth group emerged, the Colonial Empire. The Magi and technocracy were constantly at war. There came a time where there was a great space race that ended up with numerous colonies from both Nations after a period of major economic hardships from both nations the colonies were left to fend for themselves Eventually uniting into a single empire merging science and magic together.

After a devastating war between the Asmir and the Demurge fought on Torus the world was left as a post apocalyptic wasteland. The Empire refusing to aid the ruined world, and the Primordials reawakening, the people there survive however they can.


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