Undying Asmir

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Undying Asmir

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 06, 2016 8:54 pm

The Asmir, or angels, were the human slaves that were taken by the Primordials to Celstian. Here the Primardials recreated their home on Torus but the Primordials that migrated to Celestian of the mind that their creations were perfect and should not change. As such they saw death and decay as anethema to their creations.

All that they touch was given permanence including the humans they brought with them. Though they are not truly undying their lifespans were lengthened to be in the thousands of years. The oldest Known living Asmiri is over 4000 Toran years. Their magic is infused with permanence as well. spell cast by them linger long after they were cast. Spells cast on objects permanently imbue the object with the effects of the spell.

Unlike the Valdek who survived the Primal forests with strength and cunning, the Asmir survived by leaving the Jungles. Learning spells of flight and imbued their structures with it. lifting their civilization into the skies. Here they learned to forge material out of the Ether itself and created a grand empire spanning the skies.

The Asmir are an Ancient Proud Arrogant people, they are strong like the Valdek in their magics and are able to forge what they need with mere thought. They are slow to act but when they act they bring their ancient and terrible might down from the skies. The Asmir are extremely durable and take a lot of effort to kill. They take pride in their ability to forge their personal armor including their wings. Asmiri wings are a symbol of status and ability the more segments one can create and control shows their ability and status compared to their peers.


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